Eco Friendly Camping Holidays

Reduce - re use - recycle… We’ve got the re-using nailedeco-friendly camping holiday


Eco friendly Camping Holidays.

There is nothing eco-friendly about manufacturing nylon and shipping it from the other side of the planet. So the least we can do is make sure tents get re-used as much as possible. Hiring a tent means non-recycle-able products get the maximum amount of use in their lifetime.

Reduce: Container ships have increased in efficiency in the last 20 years so much so that transport by boat is 2.5 times more energy efficient than rail transport. It is estimated container ships produce 40 times less CO2 than freight aircraft in relation to the weight of cargo carried. Even so, we can still ensure we get the maximum use from everything we buy from abroad to further minimise pollution.

eco friendly holidaysRe-use: Tents and camping equipment often only get a few uses per year and of course a tent can deteriorate in storage. So even with the best intentions, a stored tent could be rendered useless after only one use which is costly for consumers and the environment. Our tents can easily achieve 10 times more use than that of a tent owned by one family.

Bell tents are now an even more environmentally friendly option as they as so durable. Even under constant use they go on for many years! Canvas of course also has many more uses after the demise of one of our beloved tents.

Recycle: Recycling nylon tent fabric is still unfortunately an energy & chemical intensive process. In short recycling one of our tents could do more harm to the planet than good. If anyone would like to get in touch regarding recycling please do as we are always open to new ideas.


eco_friendly_camping_holidayLastly, we will never let one of our tents end up in a landfill. We break old tents for spares, and what’s left can be used by local schools and other organisations to make anything from holdalls to kites.