River Exe Floating Cafe


Great food, great views, great atmosphere!

The restaurant sources fresh local produce and as you can imagine, it is well known for its superb seafood.

For more information, the recent menu's or to make a reservation, you can...

email: info@riverexecafe.com

call: 07761 116103

visit: riverexecafe.comriverexe-cafe-live-music


The River Exe Cafe is situated between Exmouth and Starcross and is not accessible from the land.

If you don't have a boat handy, the Exeplorer water taxis regularly depart from Exmouth harbour to fit in with the bookings for the River Exe Cafe

email: ian@exeplorerwatertaxis.co.uk

call: 07970918418

visit: exeplorerwatertaxis.co.uk



When hiring from Taunton Tent Hire and camping on the south Devon coast, it really is the place to go for a wonderfully unique evening.